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Map of Clark Engineering Clark Engineering
1470 McMillan Road
Owosso, MI 48867-0166
Phone: 989.723.7930
Fax: 989.723.8424
Steel Plant
780 McMillan Road
Monday-Friday Hours
Office: 7am-5pm
Receiving: 6:30am-4:30pm

http://www.sedpweb.org/ http://www.sedpweb.org/

http://www.mmtc.org/proud-to-manufacture/fabricated-metal-products/clark.html http://www.mmtc.org/proud-to-manufacture/fabricated-metal-products/clark.html

http://innostatemi.com/network/ http://innostatemi.com/network/


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Clark Engineering is an ISO 9001/2008 Certified company.  We perform audits on our Quality system on a daily basis including yearly surveillance audits by a 3rd party registrar.
To assist us in providing conforming product to our customers we use the following quality tools:
  • 1st piece setup inspections on all processes
  • PPAP - level 1-5 using "PowerWay" software system
  • Layered Audits
  • Staging Audits {before parts packed and ready to ship}
  • Dock Audits {after parts are packed and ready to ship}
  • SPC inspection and charting
  • Attribute fixtures as well as variable fixtures
Inspection Equipment
  • Optical Comparator
  • CMM – Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Height Gages
  • Ring gages {Thread go-no go as well diameter gages}
  • Plug gages
  • Rockwell hardness tester
  • Micrometers
  • Calipers
  • Pitch Diameter Micrometers
  • Magna –Gage – Plating thickness tester
  • Certified Gage Blocks and Pin gages
  • Certified Granite surface plates
  • Attribute fixtures that are customers approved