Expert Engineering Solutions for Complex Applications

At Clark Engineering, located in Owosso, MI, our team of engineers excels in resolving complex applications with unmatched precision and innovation. Leveraging advanced 3D solid modeling software and extensive design and manufacturing knowledge, we efficiently transform your initial concepts into PPAP-ready parts.

In-House Design and Manufacturing Excellence

Clark Engineering takes pride in our comprehensive in-house approach. Every tool is expertly designed and manufactured within our facilities, guided by our skilled engineering and tool room staff.

This approach not only ensures complete control over the build process but also significantly shortens tooling lead times, distinguishing us from our competitors.

Custom Forming Machines and Automation: Delivering Quality from the Start

Our deep expertise in custom forming machines and automation means each design we produce is primed to deliver superior quality products right from the start. This proficiency provides substantial benefits to clients seeking dependable, high-efficiency manufacturing solutions.

Utilizing Advanced CAD/CAM Software for Optimal Efficiency

At Clark Engineering, the use of state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software is integral to our process, ensuring all tooling is created in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Collaborating with our clients’ engineering teams, we can optimize projects, yielding significantly enhanced performance and cost benefits.

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