Employee Spotlight with Dave Vincent​​​​ Engineering Services Supervisor

Engineering Services Supervisor

With a career dedicated to the intricacies of engineering excellence, Dave Vincent stands at the helm of our engineering services, steering our projects to success with his seasoned expertise. At the core of our operations, Dave is the force ensuring that every gear and gadget operates at its best, and every team member is equipped with the knowledge and skills to excel.

In this spotlight, we delve into the day-to-day of a man whose responsibility stretches from the granular mechanics of equipment maintenance to the grand scope of managing our engineering projects.

Dave not only supervises and leads all maintenance processes and operations with a keen eye but also fosters a culture of growth and learning through dedicated training, mentoring, and management of our set-up personnel.

Join us as we uncover the insights and stories of a leader who not only makes sure our engineering feats are possible but ensures they are done with precision, efficiency, and a team that’s constantly advancing towards the future.

Can you provide a brief overview of your professional background and experience in engineering and maintenance?

My experience in Engineering and Maintenance started when I worked at Clark Engineering for the previous owners. I worked my way up from a Team lead to a die setter to lead set-up where I was tasked with prototype and R&D of new parts.

I also had the responsibility of programming the new cnc wire benders. This was a huge job because prior to that, we had only presses and hand benders to form parts. I was also responsible for servicing and maintaining the multi slide machines through weekly PM’s and weekly press inspections.

Dave Vincent at Work

Could you describe your role as the Engineering Services Supervisor in our organization?

As Engineering Services Supervisor, I am responsible for managing engineering projects, equipment maintenance and supporting technical needs: supervising and leading all maintenance processes and operations. Training, mentoring and managing set-up personnel.

What challenges did you face in these projects, and how did you overcome them?

Certain challenges remain the same for all new projects, these are: establishing a D.L., machine repeatability, and quality. As a Supervisor, I like to utilize the resources available to me, such as: consulting those who design or build the tooling.

Occasionally I will involve our set-up crew, so they can gain experience and trouble shooting skills. But the best way I know how to overcome certain challenges is to ask the right question, by using 5 why.

How do you approach personnel development within your team? What strategies do you use to help your team members grow in their roles?

I compliment my team on their strengths and try to also strengthen any weakness that we have. I explain the vision and expectations that we, the management has to grow the company.

Can you share an example of a team member who has benefited from your guidance and mentoring?

One of the set-up guys came to me with a question on a cnc set-up, I quickly seen the answer to the question but I answered the question he had by asking a question. This led him to discover the solution without being told and I feel that was better than just telling him how to do it.

What are some of your proudest achievements or milestones in your career as an Engineering Services Supervisor?

My proudest achievement so far has been the Gambrel that I produced. I am an avid hunter and I also process my own game. I had seen that there isn’t anything offered that’s made in the USA and wanted to create one that was not only super strong but also worked well because its balanced with a fail safe. I thought this should also be brightly colored to stand out in a store and at home on the garage wall.

Can you highlight any specific improvements or innovations you’ve introduced to enhance equipment maintenance or manufacturing processes?

The very first improvement that comes to mind is machine cleanliness. Our cnc wire forming machines are our flagships to the company, these are what we show customers when we show capabilities. If the machine is clean its also easier to spot a potential problem or tool failure as well as a faster setup time for the next job run.

How do you facilitate effective communication and collaboration within your team and with other departments or teams?

By having meeting with the teams involved, this creates a clear objective and shows us where to focus some of our time and added resources.

What are some common challenges you face in your role, and how do you go about solving them?

Some of the challenges I face are quick lead times and competitive production rates for new parts. I try to solve them by comparing like parts and try to improve or combine processes to make the new parts.

How do you see the field of equipment maintenance and manufacturing evolving, and how do you plan to adapt to those changes?

We constantly look for faster/ better ways to make products, this usually involves newer machines. More automated processes and more cnc machines. This will in turn need more predictive and preventative maintenance to ensure long life of the machine.

How would you describe your leadership and management style when it comes to leading a team of engineers and technicians?

The way I lead, is I don’t focus on something being my idea but I take ideas of everyone to come up with the best solution to a task or project.

Outside of work, what are some of your passions or hobbies that help you recharge and stay motivated?

I am an avid outdoorsman; I love to hunt and fish.

Is there anything from your personal life that you feel influences your approach to your role as Engineering Services Supervisor?

I think being a father to my children has taught me a lot in the ways of being a leader.

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